Remote Learning

Remote Learning

In the event of an academy closure or where students are self-isolating, Shire Oak Academy is committed to providing continuity of education to its students and will do so through a process of remote learning. Extensive remote learning would apply particularly in a situation in which the academy is closed for an extended period of time, but a high proportion of students and teachers are healthy, and able to work as normal from home.

It is essential that students who are self-isolating continue to make progress through the curriculum. With this in mind, work will be set for students self-isolating predominantly using Google classroom. Google classroom is available online or through the google classroom app. This can be downloaded through the IOS and android app store.

Teachers are providing the resources that are being used in the classroom for students that are at home and are self-isolating are able to access the learning at the same time they would have been in the classroom. Teachers will respond to any student queries they have on the work that has been set.

We recognise that it is more difficult to monitor pupil understanding and engagement in a remote lesson. The checking of understanding would normally be performed through questioning and assessment in the classroom. It is essential that students attempt any tasks associated with each lesson. Gaps in knowledge will then be addressed on the students return to the classroom through low stakes testing, questioning and formal assessment.

In order for your son/daughter to access work when self-isolating, they must log into google classroom and access their work through each class drive folder.

If you are unable to access the internet, please contact the academy to request a work pack.

If you have any issues with logging in to google classroom or accessing work please contact your son/daughters Head of Year.