We are delighted to announce that we are working with education charity Future First to build an alumni network.

Amongst our former students is a whole host of talented role models who we want to connect with in order to celebrate their success and inspire our current students. Alumni can be brought back to offer careers and education advice, mentor students, provide work experience placements and much more besides.

We are launching an exciting new platform called the Shire Oak Alumni Hub, which is an online portal for news, updates, events and opportunities to network and connect for our alumni. We want to see the exciting places our leavers go to – and for them to inspire the next generation’s success!

We need you 

Please help us reach out to our former students using your own networks. From doctors to dancers, pilots to plumbers, we need alumni from a range of careers to open our students’ eyes to what’s possible.

If you are a former student or know of any who’d like to stay in touch and give back to their old school, ask them to sign up at: 

If you’d like further information on how you can get involved, or if you know someone who would like to feature on one of our inspirational alumni posters, please email [email protected] 

Further information about Future First’s privacy policy can be found here.