Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Statement of intent

At Shire Oak Academy we “…focus relentlessly on improving the interaction between teacher and pupils in the classroom. That means effective feedback, making learning explicit (metacognition) and nurturing independent learners.” (Sutton Trust Nov. 2017). We strongly believe that all of our students should have an equal entitlement and opportunity to a wealth of experiences which develop their skills and abilities, build their confidence and resilience and also prepare them for a happy and successful life beyond their time at our Academy.

It is our aim to ensure that all students, irrespective of their social or financial background, should thrive and share in our vision of ‘turning potential into excellence.’ The government allocates additional money to our school called ‘Pupil Premium’ to help us improve the outcomes for students who are in the care of the local authority, known to be currently eligible for free school meals or have been in the last six years.

We believe that it is unacceptable that disadvantaged students perform less well than their peers and so we plan to work tirelessly to ensure that the funding is used as effectively as possible to improve the achievement of students for whom it is intended. At Shire Oak we pride ourselves on knowing our students and parents well and recognise that not all of our students who are socially disadvantaged are registered for or qualify for free school meals. Therefore, we target our Pupil Premium funding to all students who may be disadvantaged so that they too are supported to thrive with a determination to achieve well.