Governance & Finance


The Mercian Trust

On 1st January 2018 Shire Oak Academy joined The Mercian Trust. A link to the academy’s funding agreement can be found below and the master funding agreement can be found on The Mercian Trust website.

In order to assist with the discharge their responsibilities, the Trustees have established LGBs for its Academies.  The role of the Local Governing Body includes:

  • “day-to-day” oversight of running of the academies in terms of learning, standards, safety & wellbeing
  • carrying out the MAT’s vision policies & priorities
  • holding local academy leadership to account for academic performance, quality of care & provision-
  • overseeing & monitoring the effectiveness of learning strategies
  • supporting the Board and its committees in relation to proper use of funds & delivering high quality educational provision
  • to advise and act as a critical friend to the Head Teacher and to advise the Board about local issues they need to consider that affect the Academy
  • to represent the interests of the Academy community in the running of the Academy and to represent the Academy in its community
  • to provide support to the Head Teacher in undertaking appropriate day to day procedures that are essential to the life of the Academy, such as disciplinary and complaint procedures

The membership of each LGB shall be as set out in the LGB Terms of Reference approved by the Board from time to time. LGBs membership will include:

  • at least two parent members;
  • two staff members;
  • the relevant Principal/Headteacher;
  • up to four persons appointed by the Board of Trustees; and
  • [subject to Board approval] up to three persons co-opted by members of the LGB.

Governing Body

Jane Mole – Chair

Dennis Byfield

Simon Dutton

Andrew Feilden

Ashley Jones

Secretary – c/o SIPs Education

Andrew Feilden

Kevin Hubery

Louise Markham-Moore

Annabel Stoddart – Headteacher

Appeal Panel

Appeal Panel members required
Do you like to make a difference? Are you a decision maker? Have you got the odd evening to spare? Yes? We need people like you to sit on our academy’s admission appeal panels! These panels ensure an independent, fair hearing for parents who are not satisfied with the academy’s decision to refuse their child admission. So, if you are a teacher, governor or especially a parent who is interested in taking an active part in schools admissions we would love to hear from you.

Can anyone be a panel member?
Yes, unless you are employed by the Local Authority in any capacity other than as a teacher. Teachers may serve but not participate in proceedings relevant to their own school. Parents cannot serve at any school where their children attend.  Click here for further information.

To find out more please contact 01543 452518 Appeal panel members should not have any connection with Shire Oak Academy. Training will be provided. 

Financial Information

The Trustees’ annual reports and financial statements are set out below:

Other Financial Information;

The School is part of the Mercian Trust, a multi academy trust, which was formed on 1st January 2018. A copy of the school’s supplemental funding agreement can be found by clicking on the following link:

Further information is available from the The Mercian Trust below;