Admissions Enquiries

All admissions enquiries should be addressed to Mrs S Read, PA to the Headteacher.

01543 452518

Mid-Year Admissions

Shire Oak Academy is responsible for the administration of mid-year admissions. If you wish your child to be admitted to Shire Oak Academy, apart from in the Year 7 intake each September, you need to complete the form below.

If no places are available at the academy in the year group you require you do have a right of appeal to an independent appeal panel.

A waiting list is kept by Shire Oak Academy for any oversubscribed year group. Midyear admission applicants will be added to the waiting list. The waiting list will be kept in admission criteria order. Any vacancies will be offered on the basis of the published admission criteria of the academy. Applicants will remain on the waiting list for a term and should reapply at the start of each new term, ie Autumn, Spring and Summer.