At Shire Oak we expect good standards of behaviour and discipline. These standards underpin teaching and learning.

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities are inextricably linked and are the basis on which classroom relationships, teaching and learning are built

Pupil Responsibilities

For effective learning to take place, pupils must be on time, bring equipment, follow instructions, co-operate with staff and peers and work to full potential


Rules are the mechanism by which rights and responsibilities are translated into adult and pupil behaviours


Routines underpin rules and reinforce classroom order. They may vary between teachers and subject areas


Clear rules and routines enable pupils to carry out their responsibilities and enjoy their rights


Pupils will make choices with regard to their responsibilities thus incurring consequences of either a positive or negative nature


Positive consequences are a result of pupils making responsible choices, should pupils choose to behave inappropriately they will view a negative response. These consequences will be clear, inevitable and have been taught to the class