“You don't take a photograph, you make it.” - Ansel Adams

Ms M Evans

Head Of Photography

Subject Overview

During their time at Shire Oak Academy we aim to provide all students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to learn from the past to develop their own ideas creatively. Exploring and experimenting to produce work that develops their knowledge, skills, confidence, pride and aspirational drive to participate and succeed creatively in a range of disciplines. All students are given the opportunity to strive throughout their arts education, being allowed to experiment with different styles of photography and experiences in and out of the classroom which will allow them, if they wish to be prepared to enter the creative industry within the UK which has been growing at more than 4X the rate of the UK economy as a whole. Students are introduced to a range of historic and contemporary photographic practitioners and artists to broaden their understanding of what it means to be a photographer, their working methods and the wider social/moral/political issues they explore. They explore how photographers fit into the wider world and how those skills transfer into the wider community. They are given the chance to develop skills in a range of photography media from hand manipulation, editing skills.  studio lights and camera skills to develop their own interest and skills throughout their curriculum journey,


Students are given the option of joining a KS3 Camera club during Year 7,8 and 9 allowing them to experiment and develop their basic skills and knowledge of photography, which includes monthly competitions. The students may also get the option to use photography skills within their KS3 art lessons if needed. They are then given the option to select one of the creative arts choices in which they are given 6 lessons a fortnight for an entire term to develop their interest and explore their skills at a more advanced level to ensure they are interested in the subject before selecting their GCSE options. During their KS3 curriculum students learn how to develop, refine and apply a skill with critical consideration, reflection and appropriate application.  They explore how they can develop and communicate their own ideas independently. The emphasis is on developing skills, contextual understanding and resilience.
Our KS4 and 5 curriculum helps students develop the skills needed in order to succeed later on in school life and beyond by opening up different opportunities that help to engage and develop themselves as artists.  We strive to develop student’s core skills and an appreciation of photographers and styles whilst also nurturing creativity and their ability to express themselves and their own ideas. A willingness to explore and take risks in their work is an important part of the curriculum which will help them to succeed in all of the key stages.


Miss M Evans
Mrs E Collis
Mr N Critchley
Mr C Fenton
Miss Lainingham


Advertising art director
Film/video editor
Graphic designer
Magazine features editor
Medical illustrator
Press photographer
Television camera operator
Commercial and Advertising Photographer
Corporate Photographer
Editorial and Press Photographer
Fashion Photographer
Fashion and Photographic Stylist
Fine Art Photographer
Wedding Photographer