Mathematics is the music of reason. To do mathematics is to engage in an act of discovery and conjecture, intuition and inspiration; to be in a state of confusion—not because it makes no sense to you, but because you gave it sense and you still don't understand what your creation is up to; to have a break-through idea; to be frustrated as an artist; to be awed and overwhelmed by an almost painful beauty; to be alive, damn it.” Paul Lockhart

Miss N. Healy

Head Of Mathematics

Subject Overview

The mathematics department is committed to providing pupils with high standards of numeracy and a rich curriculum which promotes problem solving, reasoning and fluency. 

Throughout key stage 3 pupils build on their skills from key stage 2 and they widen their knowledge within the subject. They are provided with opportunities to apply mathematics to real life situations. We strive to challenge our pupils by covering mathematical concepts in greater depth.

At GCSE pupils follow the EDEXCEL specification, and we also offer a GCSE qualification in Further Mathematics.

 In Year 9 students can choose to study GCSE Statistics as one of their GCSE options.  The course offered is the Pearson Edexcel Specification.  Studying Statistics gives students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge that is relevant to everyday life, whilst also going beyond the current Statistics and Probability topics studies in GCSE Mathematics.  Students develop a core statistical grounding, as well as transferable skills and understanding that’s applicable to a range of other GCSE and A Level subjects, including A Level Maths, Geography, Psychology, Science and Computer Science.

Curriculum Overview


Ms J. Hughes
Miss N. Healy
Mr I. Khan
Miss C. Cheesmond
Mr M. Swann
Mr D. Percox
Mr R. Korpal
Miss L. Arnold
Miss G. Birch
Ms R. Cheek
Mrs U. Igwe
Mrs H. Gaskell 
Miss G. Patel
Mr J. Timmis
Mrs H. Smith
Miss C. Williams

Further Resources

GCSE and A Level Qualifications Information:
Edexcel GCSE Mathematics
Edexcel GCSE Statistics
AQA Certificate Level 2 Further Mathematics
Edexcel A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
AQA Certificate Level 3 Mathematics Studies (Core Maths)

Useful Websites (All Year Groups)
Dr Frost Maths**
Pearson Active Learn**
Maths Genie
Corbett Maths
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