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Mr S Roberts

Head Of Geography

Subject Overview

Geography at Shire Oak encompasses a diverse range of topics that gets students to understand, process and ask questions about the world around them. Geography intertwines both physical geography and human interactions with places across the world. The subject gives students the chance to be independent, inquisitive and make sense of the ever changing and dynamic nature of the planet we live on and, in turn, enables transferable skills to help them in a variety of future careers.

A key component of geography is getting students to learn outside the classroom and, throughout the 7 years, Shire Oak offers students the opportunity to attend a variety of trips. From studying river processes in the Long Mynd to witnessing glacial patterns in Iceland there are a number of chances for students to experience geography first hand. Additionally opportunities to study the Geography of the local area are embedded, where possible, within the curriculum to make learning relevant.

Geography is a popular subject to study at both GCSE and A Level and a number of post 16 students go on to study the subject at further educational institutions each year. Students follow the AQA syllabus where they are examined on a variety of skills including their application of knowledge, analysis of resources and fieldwork.


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