Design & Technology

“Design & Technology is the subject where mathematical brainboxes and science whizzkids turn their bright ideas into useful products.” - James Dyson

Mr C Fenton

Head Of Design & Technology

Subject Overview

It is the intent of the Design & Technology Department to:

Allow students to be independent in their creativity and to safely explore different solutions in order to problem solve, without the fear of failure.

  • To develop practical life skills through the designing and making of quality products.
  • To develop a culture of safe working, independence and resilience. 
  • To be able to use knowledge, skills & understanding to independently to problem solve

In order to achieve this students will develop their knowledge and skills within Design & Technology through Investigating, Designing, Making and Evaluating.  During this students will experience and develop a whole range of both traditional skills as well as newer digital skills such as CAD/CAM.

Students receive 2 Hours a fortnight in Year 7 and 3 hours a fortnight in Year 8.  In Year 9 students have the opportunity to select one of the Creative Arts subjects, Art/Photography, Engineering Design, Textiles, Hospitality and Music, to sample for a term.  This gives them an insight into what they can expect if they were to select that subject at KS4.

The current KS4 offer for Design & Technology comprises of:

  • OCR Cambridge National in Engineering Design
  • EDUQAS L1/2 in Hospitality & Catering

Following on from this students can further their Design & Technology journey by studying A Level Product Design.  A Level Product Design is a course that focuses on consumer products and applications.  Analysing the materials, processes, components and marketability of a product through development.


Mr C. Fenton
Mr M. Deavall
Mrs R. Nanglu
Miss L. Lainingham
Mr R. Baker


KS4 courses lead onto OCR A-Level Product Design or various college courses.

KS5 A-Level Product Design can lead to degree courses in any of the following areas:

Product Design




Graphic Design